Professor TIAN Mei was elected as the President of the World Molecular Imaging Society(WMIS)

2020-12-25   |   Office of International Affairs

It is officially announced that Professor TIAN Mei from Zhejiang University School of Medicine was elected as the President of the World Molecular Imaging SocietyWMISon December 24, 2020, and her term of office would start from 2021. This is the first time for Chinese experts to serve as the WMIS chair.


WMIS is the only one international academic organization of molecular imaging worldwide, which hosts the most widely influential international academic conference with the largest scale and the highest level as well as the most important academic journals Molecular Imaging and Biology every year.


Molecular imaging is an emerging interdisciplinary with non-invasive, qualitative, quantitative, and localization imaging technology for accurate measurement in tracing biochemical change process of cells and molecules in human body or living lives without space limitations. It makes precision medicine visualized possible. Also, molecular imaging has been regarded as an important landmark subject which has been developed by famous universities and research institutes in the past two decades, cross disciplinary of related fields molecular imaging include molecular biology, biomedical imaging, clinical medicine, pharmaceutical chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacy, information technology, optoelectronic technology, imaging physics, etc.


This is the first time that a Chinese molecular imaging expert of leadership in a global academic organization, which demonstrates the status and influence of Chinese molecular imaging in the international academic community and widely recognized by international peers. We do believe that China's experience will better serve the global scientific and technological development, and contribute to human welfare.